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make an impact on young women in your community

The Miss Grays Harbor Scholarship Organization, Miss Washington Scholarship Organization and Miss America Organization are all run solely by volunteers, who give their time, talent and devotion to enriching the lives of young women in their communities across the country.  Volunteers consist of former candidates and titleholders, community members, parents of former candidates, teachers, CEOs, business owners and anyone who feels called to serve and empower young women.  

These young women, in turn, give back to their communities and testify to the life-changing experience they have in their time with the organization.  

There are many opportunities for volunteering, including preparing the candidates for competition, assisting with paperwork and essays, connecting the candidates and organization with community projects, helping procure sponsors and more.  Reach out today to start the conversation on how you can become involved.  Fill out the form below or email for general program information.

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