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areas of competition

There are five (5) areas of competition each for Miss and Teen.  Our goal is to prepare and advise you on each area of competition so you are ready to shine for the judging panel and the audience!

Private Interview - 30%

During this 10 minute conversation with our panel of judges, you will be scored on overall first impression, personal appearance, personality, intelligence, articulation and your ability to form an opinion.

Talent - 20%

In this phase of competition, you will be scored on skill, personality, interpretive ability, entertainment and stage presence.  The use of costumes and props is allowed.  Talent is 90 seconds long.

Red Carpet/
Evening Gown - 20%

The candidate's entire look and stage presence is taken into consideration in this phase of competition.  The judges are looking for: overall first impression, sense of confidence, walk, posture, carriage and grace, personality, stage presence and appropriateness of the evening wear.

Lifestyle and Wellness 
in Active Wear - 20%

In this phase, judges will be looking for the contestant’s comfort and confidence level on stage, overall impression of health and fitness commitment, on stage presentation and energy, comfort in front of an audience, and a sense of how they stay physically and mentally well through their recorded or written statement.

Conversation - 10%

As an extension of the private interview, the On-Stage Conversation will include the five pillars of the brand (style, service, scholarship, success, and sisterhood) and may include a “warm up” question.

Contestants will have between 20 to 60 seconds to answer a ‘warm up’ question. Thereafter, the contestant will answer an additional question.
Note: The On-Stage Conversation may also include an additional one or two questions, written by
either the panelists or the local organization, of equal weight and selected at random by the
contestant, which would provide insight into the ability to perform the role of the titleholder.

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